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11 seater Birmingham  Minibus  Taxi Transfers

11 Seater

11 Seater Minibus Birmingham

Our 11 seater minibus hire is the ideal choice for you when in need of quality transport service in the UK, especially when your party is very large and unsuitable for a standard vehicle, but small for the usage of a coach. This situation might warrant you to choose our 11-seater minibus for purpose of portability, there are few things you need to know before you begin the process of booking. You do not need to waste time surfing the internet for individual quotes. You can easily use the services of a professional transport company and website with good price comparison. We have done all the necessary work for you including gathering together a list of prices of our 11-seater minibus hire in your locality. All you need to do is to perform one quick search on the internet and all you need to know will be delivered to you in some splits of seconds. Obviously, you will save money and your 11-seater minibus will be booked in a few of minutes. Our 11-seater minibuses cover the area from which you wish to travel (within the environs of Birmingham). It is good to note that our 11-seater minibus hire accommodates 10 passengers and a driver. We are the best firm offering 11-seater minibuses hire. We are recognized for giving our customers the best service at affordable prices. We also provide a money back guarantee, so you do not have anything to lose.

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11 Seater Minibus hire is difficult to get most times because they are always required for family outings, tour operators, parties and large groups. Our fleets of 11 passenger minibuses vary around the United Kingdom; this variability makes our models available to meet our customer needs. You have to consider the minibus size you require and also the amount of vehicles you need due to limitations of passenger numbers and luggage quantity. If you have eleven passengers for instance with each passenger possessing two suitcases, you will definitely need to book more than one minibus since there will insufficient space for 22 suitcases within an 11 passenger minibus. We have a lot of 11 seater minibuses for hire from Birmingham. Our 11 seater minibuses are safe, comfortable and modern.
We maintain our 11 seater minibuses to an exceptional standard; we also carry out maintenance and inspections regularly. We organize deliberate training schemes for our drivers to meet the world class standards. Whether you are playing football, spending holidays with the family or just travelling around Birmingham, it is important you have some extra space and comfort, especially when you will have to journey driving long distances.  When using our 11 seater minibus hire, be sure that all the space you want for all your belongings are available. The amount of space reserved luggage of course depends on the number of passengers who will be travelling in the vehicle. The majority of people carriers and especially minibuses have little or no space in the back as they do not have a boot so to speak and therefore you need to plan in accordance and rent the required type and size of vehicle that satisfies your needs.
One vital fact to note is that minibus hire is becoming increasingly popular considering the benefits it offers to families and large groups. For this sole purpose, we highly advise that you book your minibus rental as soon as early enough. We usually book our 11 seater minibuses hire immediately our flights are booked. We also give you the best price when you book early.

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“Booked a minibus with express travel.  Alex was a great driver and we all felt safe will defiantly use again .”

Tracey Anderson • Airport Transfer

“Took myself and my family  to Drayton Manor Theme Park we booked a 16 seater Ford Trasnit with Driver Shafraz our driver was a great driver and very helpful would defiantly recommend Birmingham minibus hire  5 Stars *****.”

JOHN DOE • Trip To Drayton Manor Theme Park