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12 Seater  Minibus Birmingham  Taxi Transfers

12 Seater

12 Seater Minibus Birmingham

Our 12 seater minibus Birmingham  hire has experienced high rating by our customers. They offer quality choice for clients travelling to different locations. If going on family vacation, our 12 seater minibus offers a high degree of privacy thereby allowing your team members to effectively interact with one another other. Our 12 seater
Our Minibus Design Are User friendly
We provide super 12-seat minibus hire. This feature utilizes a design that gives swift transportation on road. The bodies are mounted on chassis leads to lightness. The vehicles seats have a special design which makes travelers enjoy great comfort when traveling.

Low Prices and Best Service is West Midlands Birmingham Minibus Hire

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Our Core Values

12 Seater with driver Taxi

Our clients enjoy traveling in our 12 seater minibuses as they provide an outstanding technological quality that improves safety experience. The set of 12 seater minibuses equipped to carry 12 passengers comes with outstanding systems of ventilation keeping vehicles in cool state according to your preference. This makes our 12 seater minibuses desirable for going on tour to different locations or on executive business to various places within UK. We ensure the safety of passengers gets improved through proper fitting of airbags on the seats available. Seat belts are also available to deal with the problems that occur in course of traveling.
The Interior of our 12seater minibus possess classy features
Many customers prefer having all supplies close in their spaces when traveling. Minibus Hire Birmingham does not take this fact for granted. We offer exclusive interior, offering good space for more comfort. The various interior sections of our 12 seater minibuses come thoroughly fashioned to wipe off noises from rumble of engines. Our 12 seater minibuses assure our customers of having ample working space, therefore providing space for the usage of diverse personal electronic devices including cell phones, laptop and tablet. Our 12 seater minibuses comes with additional space comes with because it fosters an allowance for passengers to recline seats. This enhances your comfort of travelling. Ensure you relax easily while you enjoy these special seats by contacting our support desk. You can also book early for your trip arrangements. Our 12 seater minibus allows you to carry 12 persons safely in comfort. Extremely reliable, the minibus is great for those times when you need to carry a lot of people. Our 12 seater minibus also has lots of room for storage of items. Due to the fact that everyone traveling with you is going to the same destination, it makes more sense that the group journeys in one van, rather than squeezing everyone into several vehicles (by hiring). By putting all your passengers in one 12 seater minibus rental, by doing this, you are not only ensuring that every member of the group is able to journey in maximum comfort, you are also building a stronger relationship with the group of people traveling with you. Apart from comfort and oneness, when you hire our 12seater minibuses on your next trip, you are also making sure you will stay on a time schedule perfect for you. We have the Toyota Commuter as our 12-Seater Minibus for rent. With this 12seater minibus, you can go on a trip in a larger group of 12 adults.

This minibus is practically experimental in transporting a larger group of 12 people.
Our 12-Seater Minibus Has the Following Specifications: 4 door minibus, Power Steering + ABS, 2.7 litre 4 cylinder, Height: ~2.3m, 4-Speed Automatic Transmission, (beware of car park vehicle height restrictions) and CD/MP3 Player.
Our Luggage and Seating Capacity Is Stated Below:
12 small suitcases and 6 large suitcases.
12 adults
Join Minibus Hire Birmingham today by hiring our model 12 seater minibuses and be served as a king.

Our Customers Say

“Booked a minibus with express travel.  Alex was a great driver and we all felt safe will defiantly use again .”

Tracey Anderson • Airport Transfer

“Took myself and my family  to Drayton Manor Theme Park we booked a 16 seater Ford Trasnit with Driver Shafraz our driver was a great driver and very helpful would defiantly recommend Birmingham minibus hire  5 Stars *****.”

JOHN DOE • Trip To Drayton Manor Theme Park